Boogieman Ghost is a Hip Hop artist from Washington DC, a natural lyricist that brings an effortless poetic presence to his music. With three songs released in his growing discovery the artist showcases his unique style combining more modern day rap tones with nostalgic Hip Hop vibes.

A credit to his versatility as an artist, Boogieman’s music is about feeling and making his listeners feel connected to his work, offering both sincere reflection and entertainment value.

In addition to his solo works, Boogieman Ghost is also affiliated with bands such as Amphbns and Freestyle Union, both groups seeing success in their own musical fields and direction in which Boogieman Ghost played an integral part of their success.

When it comes to live performances Boggieman Ghost is a veteran, opening for industry legends such as Wu Tang Clan with his group Freestyle Union and as a solo artist for Pmd and Das EFX.

Boogieman Ghost is a refreshing entry into the industry, delivering his music with raw unfiltered skill. Not one to fit in to the industry commercial mold, this is an artist that clearly operates in his own realm, following his own path in his own way, with a growing and steady fanbase.

Boogieman has an exciting year ahead with a number of new projects lined up, as he continues to amaze audiences and new listeners with his music. Still in the infancy of his solo catalogue, his achievements so far are undeniable and it looks like he is just getting started.

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Boogieman Ghost

Washington, D.C. (USA)

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